This is my work in regard to the application questions of THE KENNEDYS: PORTLAND A Wieden+Kennedy Program.
1. Show us who you are.
For this question, I decided to create a fake profile  on a fake friend's App
2. If you could hack one company without repercussions for an hour, show us what you would make them say, do, release, or change.

If I had to hack a company, I would have chosen Adobe. In a pretend world, I would have to change the prices of all the programs and make them free. I struggle to pay for these programs and by making them free, I hope people in the same situation will gain access to it and make beautiful works!
3. What’s something you hate irrationally that most people don’t?
Convince us to hate it.

Honestly, I really hate mint ice cream. It reminds me of cold tooth paste. 
4. Convince us that green is the best color.

"The Essential things we need in life are green".  The grass, plants, vegetables, money, and even Shrek are
all important in our lives. We need them to breathe, eat, and live. 
5. What’s something you’d like to make that you don’t have
resources for right now?
I would love to create a physical (magazine or zine) and digital platform (social media or blog)
to show the works of new Korean American artists. Below is a long panel explaining a bit more details of the project with an inspirational mood board.
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